About Me

Hey there . . . I have been waiting for you and I am glad your search has led you here! Please stay a while and take a look around!  I have over 17 years experience in the industry!  I have been passionate about photography since I was I was a teenager.  So, I went to college for it. Seriously, I have a degree in photography with a minor in graphic design!  Having a camera in my hands has never ceased to make me feel like I have control over precious time and nothing feels as rewarding as the sentiment placed on a photograph taken by ME. I feel truly blessed to have a career doing something that challenges my creative mind and tugs daily at my heart strings.  I enjoy connecting with my clients through a lens and showcasing their character and individuality through a visual story. My style is not one to be defined necessarily by traditional aspects.  Being a photographic artist plays to my advantage being that I am somewhat of an emotional junkie and I am absolutely in love with . . . well, love! It is an honor to be trusted by clients to play such a major role during their exceptional and life changing moments: a baby bump taking shape, a child reaching a new milestone, a proposal, and an exchanging of vows.  I can't promise that I won't cry but I can promise that I will hook you up with some awesome pictures if you give me an opportunity. I have recently cut back my hours to be a PART TIME photographer so I can spend time with my own two littles!